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  • VC - Critical
  • VC - Supply Chain Logistics
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Who We Are
  • Quality customer service since 1935
  • Family-owned Company in its 3rd generation
  • 99.0% On-time delivery
  • LTL Carrier of the Year Award from Andersen Windows for the past 4 years
  • Over 99.75% Claim-free Service (claim ratio of 0.02%)

  • Comprehensive Network of LTL terminals providing overnight service in the Midwest and competitive service beyond
  • Critical & Guaranteed time-definite delivery options
  • Advanced Web, EDI & imaging technology solutions
  • Supply Chain Logistics Services, providing LTL, truckload (van, flat & specialized), intermodal, import/export & airfreight solutions throughout North America

  • Hazardous Materials & TSA certified drivers
  • Freezable Protection for your freight in the cooler months
  • Experienced, profiessional brokers on staff who can tap into a large pool of pre-qualified carriers
  • Warehousing, Pool Distribution, White Glove Delivery & more!